Our quality “Might As Well Relax” outdoor furniture is made from recycled plastics right here in Missouri. All of our furniture is manufactured from Polywood which is a plastic material made from recycled plastic bottles that is specifically designed to withstand the elements year around. It was developed for high use outdoor areas like city parks and playgrounds.

The color goes all the way through the material, so it never needs painted and the color can’t be scratched off. All of our products have a very strong UV stabilizer to insure resistance against sun fading. All fasteners are stainless steel so rust will never be a problem.In short…This will be the last outdoor furniture you will ever have to buy. We are constantly adding new products to our line and invite custom orders.

We offer custom features for any of our existing products that include texturing, personalized carved insignias, or corporate logos. We stock 18 colors of material to allow us to produce orders quickly.

Feel free to contact us with any questions: Deanna@mightaswellranch.com or 314-973-8068