Date of Birth:
As we look at the progeny of Fifty-Fifty we can see how well his genetics crossed with so many across the breed. He was made well with nice muscling, smoothness that’s hard to come by and he passed that on to his offspring. He stamped his calves with looks and a sweet personality. Fifty-Fifty produced 100” ttt females, 100” ttt steers and 90” ttt bulls. He made Horn Showcase winners and World Show champions. They are top money earners in the countless futurities across this nation. One of his daughters just sold for $200,000! We’ve taken his semen off of the market. Invest in his progeny any chance you can!
Owner Name:
Brent & Cindy Bolen
Fifty-Fifty BCB did everything we could ask of him. He gave us offspring that would fit in anyone’s program. He gave us offspring with color, conformation, plenty of horn and wonderful dispositions. Two of his daughters sold for over $200,000 each at public auctions! His offspring have won futurities, World Shows, horn measuring events and they have won in the sale ring, too. He’s added value to all who’ve used his genetics. Be sure to scroll through the super offspring he made at He was truly a great bull!
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